Webinar Spike x Adobe: Driving Customer Growth

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Driving Customer Growth; The role of learning in Post-Purchase Expierence

Businesses now face the difficulty of providing reliable and organized knowledge to customers who are constantly overwhelmed by information. Learn about the transformative impact of eLearning and why organizations should take a proactive approach to provide authentic and structured information to their customers for maximum impact. This webinar covers,

  • Trends & Challenges in Customer Engagement
  • Strategic significance of educating customers, using eLearning as a business differentiator.
  • Building seamless relationships throughout pre to post purchase journeys
  • Discovering the Power of Adobe Learning Manager.

About the speakers

Marjolein Koggel (Spike Academy) is project lead and content expert at Spike Academy. Full of enthusiasm, Marjolein is working with our customers to create the best Learning experience possible. 

Tannistho Ghosh
(adobe) straddles the worlds of Learning & Development and Marketing. He has spent close to 19 years across the functions managing Instructional design, eLearning Project Management, Media Campaigns, and Marketing Strategy for brands such as McKinsey, Adobe, Reliance, Star TV and others. He has also been a seasoned professional in driving new customer acquisition and enhancing customer experience as a part of his intrapreneurship experience. Currently, he looks after Product Marketing for Adobe’s award-winning learning platform Adobe Learning Manager. 

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